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5 Reasons to Take a Shower before Going to Bed

5 Reasons to Take a Shower before Going to Bed

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, a cool room is necessary. However, as it turns out, warming the body is just as important. According to Jessa Gamble, a well-known author and sleep scientist, a big component of our circadian rhythm during the day is temperature regulation. Prior to hitting the bed, our body’s temperature drops naturally, which activates other natural reactions that prepare us for sleep. This shift enables the body’s heat to escape through the skin, which is why you may notice your skin gets warmer during nighttime.

However, studies indicate that we do not mostly hit the bed around the time when this change takes place, which results in the body’s temperature cooling down too much and the internal temperature disrupts our sleep instead of enabling it. Fortunately, a warm shower before bed warms down your body so you feel relaxed and nice, and tend to sleep much better.

Besides improved sleep, taking a warm shower before going to bed offers the following benefits.

· Helps with Migraine Headaches: By running warm water all over your head and body, your nerves and muscles relax, thus reducing the severity of migraine headaches.
· Prevents Pollen Allergy: Throughout the day, your hair and skin can collect pollen, and if you don’t do anything to get rid of it (take a shower), you only increase the risk of carrying agents that trigger allergies.
· Relieves Tension: A warm shower before going to bed can ease shoulder pain, tension headaches, bad back, and a stiff neck for people who have a sedentary desk job, just to mention a few. 8+ hours of stressful work every day can tense up your mind and body and the warm bath will relieve the tension, soothe the muscles and improve blood circulation.
· Prevents Sore Throat: Morning showers can often trigger cold and sore throat when you leave home with wet hair. A better option is to shower at night.
· Clears Your Lungs: The steam from the warm bath can actually free your lungs from all the mucus build-up, and remove it via your nose.

Now that you aware of all the benefits, you will understand the value of taking a warm shower before going to bed every night.